Our Story

Instead of writing a boring "about us" page that most brands do to impress you.

Let me share you a quick real story behind why I started this brand.

In 2019, my friends and I started a fashion jewellery brand in India to serve the Indian fashion community better like top Western brands.

Fast forward to four years, our brand experienced exponential growth. We had over 140,000 happy customers and a high Google rating (4.9 stars).

But with success came challenges. Disagreements emerged, and as the CEO, it was a struggle to keep everyone united.

In 2022, things took a turn for the worse.

On June 9th, we made the difficult decision to pause our business, leaving me disheartened.

Determined to fulfill my dream, I decided to start again. This time, I wanted to help Indian women enhance their beauty.

Through research, I discovered that many Western women use eyelashes to enhance their natural beauty daily, a practice not widely embraced by Indian women.

That's when it hit me—a game-changing idea: magnetic eyelashes, saying goodbye to the hassle of traditional glue lashes.

They are easy to apply, and save time, and I made it secure and worry-free by adding ten magnets.

My mission is simple -  Serving the best (like I did in last business) & make Indian women feel more beautiful and confident.

I hope you will support me over my new start.

Kaushal Shah